Monday, 1 October 2012

Asthma and ASD

I started to get asthma like attacks starting when I was 10 and got really bad by the time I was 13. Through testing to find out what was going wrong they found out that I have a hart murmur. They thought that that might be what was causing me to pass out from lack of oxygen to my brain. So they put me on a hart monitor and made me do stress tests to find out what my hart was doing during my pa
ss-outs. I would do the stress test fine and within a couple of minuets of stoping I would have a attack and pass out for a few seconds. They did not find that my hart was the problem it seemed to function properly. So they called it exercise induced asthma. I like to call it anxiety induced asthma because I think it is more to do with my anxiety getting out of control and not breathing properly so not getting enough oxygen to my muscles and brain. My muscles get very weak and my head gets light headed after a attack. As I get older and get my anxiety under control my attacks rarely happen any more these days.

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