Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Low Muscle Tone and ASD

I have very bad low muscle tone. I can not even use my left arm or hand because of it and my left leg is not much better. Thank god I am right handed because I would be hooped otherwise. I did a test with a kid that has no use of his left arm or hand either and I made him print his name with his good hand and bad hand and then I would do the same. I said that he would be able to print better wi
th his bad hand then I could with my good and I won the bet. I could not print at all with my bad hand. I could not get my hand to move to make a letter let alone print my name. and his bad hand printing was more legible then my good hand. It made him feel really good about him self. He was down on him self saying that his disorder was preventing him from getting a job. I showed him that he was no ware near as bad a I am and I have gotten jobs before. This was in collage in my program for people with disabilities.

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