Friday, 19 October 2012


I hate having my fair washed, brushed or cut because it hurts me and I am afraid of the water, hair brush, and clippers. 

I shield my eyes from the sun and other bright lights because they hurt my eyes and are painful to look at.

I have selective hearing and difficulty hearing because their is too much sounds going on around me and i can not filter or focus on 
just one or two sounds I hear them all and my Brian tries to focus on them all. which means i may not hear you or have trouble understanding you.

I am a picky eater: I resist new foods and textures. I taste, smell and feel everything that goes in my mouth. It takes me a long time to get used to a certain taste, feel, smell of foods so i do not like to change them because I like to know what i am going to experience when i eat something.

I complain about tags in my clothing because they scratch my back and make it itchy and they hurt me and overwhelm my sense of touch.

I seem to be unaware of normal touch or pain: I often touch others too soft or too hard. I can not tell how hard or soft I am touching someone. a firm hand shake could really hurt the other person. I tend to feel way more pain then normal from myself but I can not tell if i am causing pain to others.

I hate being tickled or cuddled. Tickling overwhelms me and hurt me. cuddling overwhelms me and has to be done in a very slow and intentional way.

I have poor gross motor skills such as running and riding a bike. I do run like a girl even worse then one but I did learn how to ride a bike by the time I was 7 and am ok at riding bikes.

I always walk on my tiptoes. I prefer to walk on my tiptoes but i do not always walk on my tiptoes. it feels more balanced and just feels right to be on my tiptoes.

I have trouble focusing and/or concentrating. It takes me forever to get anything done because I keep loosing focus on it and just pace for a while. I am a procrastinator and perfectionist so i get nothing done ever. this blog and hopefully my book with be the first things that I have ever finished.

I am overly sensitive to loud sounds such as vacuums and blenders. I freak out when the vacuum or blender or popcorn maker is on the sounds from them hurt my ears and make me very nervous.

I am always smelling people food and objects. I smell everything around me before i have anything to do with it. it just helps me to know the smells that I will have to get used to. so that I do not freak out because of a smell that i do not recognize. 

I chew on everything. well I used to chew on everything but it has been a long time since i have done any chewing other then food. I used to like the stimuli in my mouth of chewing and sucking on anything i could get my hands on.

I have poor fine motor skills: such as handwriting and cutting. I handwriting is worse then a doctors and even i can not read it some of the time. I can not read my printing some of the time either. I can not cut to save my life I always end up going in zig zag patterns when I try to cut something I can not cut straight.

I have difficulty dressing myself. well I used to but with being a only child and my mom a stay at home mom we would spend hours taking cloths off and putting them back on. using different outfits and different styles. doing a lot of changing from my pjs to my reg cloths and back again. by the time I was 7 I could dress myself sometimes not too well but I did get better and do a pretty good job these days.

I sit with my legs in a "W" position. I do this all the time because it hurts less then siting cross legged. do not ask me why it hurts less but it does and it provides more stimuli if needed then cross leaded.

I put my socks on just so or maybe i never go barefoot. I have to ware my socks just so or else it drives me made. I can not have my socks droopy it itches my legs when that happens. I have to ware socks if I ware pants because I can not stand the pants touching my ankles because of how much it itches them. I will go bare foot if i am wearing shorts.

I would much rather go naked because then their would be lots less stimuli to deal with. I just would need to get used to the cold. I only were cloths because it is what is expected of me not what I want to do myself.

This is the end of this session but I will go into more detail about some of these areas in a latter date. also I am going to do a lot of talking about each sense and what it is like for me to have them so hyperactive.


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